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Belly Casting FAQ's

Why did you decide to become a Pregnant Belly Caster?

I have many years experience of teaching classes around confidence and body positivity. I also have a background working with people with eating disorders. Pregnancy can be a wonderful time but can also be challenging when it comes to changes to the body. Pregnant bump and body casting is a way of me providing a space for people to bond with their body and their baby. The process of creating a beautiful piece of art from your pregnant body can be fun and liberating and can be a beautiful way to celebrate the amazing things your body is capable of.

When should I book to have my bump cast?

I usually recommend casting from around 35 weeks to enable us to get a nice deep cast on the bump – this is especially useful if you would like to use your bump cast as a prop in your newborn photoshoot. In the case of twins (or more!) I recommend contacting me so we can have a chat as sometimes bumps can be bigger and twins can come earlier so we may have to do some shifting around with dates which I am always happy to do.

Does my bump need to be a particular shape or size?

Absolutely not! Pregnant bumps and bodies of all shapes and sizes are welcome and celebrated in my studio. If you would like to have your body cast in a place that feels safe and comfortable, I am your gal.

I really want a full body cast but I don’t want to get my boobs out…is this possible?

Some people can be anxious about getting nakey…especially in front of someone they barely know. I work really hard to provide a space where you feel safe and comfortable but everything that happens during the casting session is completely in your power. If you would prefer to have your bra on during your session that is totally possible. I just request its one you don’t mind getting a little messy with the materials although I will always do my best to protect it.

I would prefer to be cast at home…can you come to me?

Of course. I am happy to travel to your home. My travel is charged at 0.45p per mile when travelling 5 miles and above from my home in Widnes. Please contact me and I can confirm the total price for you. I usually cover the areas of Widnes, St Helens, Warrington and Liverpool but if you are further away please feel free to contact me. I’ve been known to travel!

How long will my session take?

Sessions usually last around 1 hour. The actual casting is pretty quick…it’s the after stuff that takes the time!

If I book one of your luxury casts, how long will it take before it’s ready?

I usually say 6 weeks as a guide but this depends on the art work you choose. The refining process can be complex and involves lots (and lots!) of drying time which racks up the time frame. I will always get the cast to you as soon as you can.

What actually happens on the day?

You will arrive – we will put on some music and have a quick chat making sure you are safe and well and ready to go ahead. Depending on the type of cast you are having you will then remove your top and/or bra (not needed for just a bump cast). Your body is then covered with a barrier solution before the casting materials are applied. I work quickly! You can sit or stand depending on how comfortable you are. We are usually done within the hour when you then have an opportunity to clean yourself up.

Is the process messy?

It can be but it is probably less messy than you think! The materials are designed to be easy to use and often wipe clean from clothes and surfaces. That being said, every effort is made to be as mess free as possible. I am much more free when in my own home studio and extra extra careful if I am visiting your home. I bring big beautiful dustsheets and clean up materials with me and always clean up fully before leaving so the only thing you have to worry about is how beautiful your completed cast is going to be!

I hope this answers all of your questions. If you do have any more please feel free to send me a message or give me a call for a chat on 07852206278.

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