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How to have a Positive Ceasarean Birth

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Having a caesarean birth plan is an essential part of your birth preparation whether you're planning on having one or not. Unplanned caesarean births are increasing as the induction rate soars. In this course we cover essential information you need to know to plan for this eventuality to ensure if it does come to pass you feel prepared in and in control. We cover topic such as: Who to speak with whilst you are pregnant if you're planning a belly birth Who you can go to for support How to write a caesarean birth plan What happens in theatre Your rights What to do once baby is born What you can do if you are not able to be awake for the birth of your baby And much more I also talk about my own experiences of an emergency/unplanned caesarean birth vs my planned gentle belly birth and as a trained Doula and Hypnobirthing teacher, how I made sure my wishes were respected. Belly birth is still birth. You deserve to have a say no matter what the circumstances. This course is perfect for all parents to be who want to feel informed and prepared.

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